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Gift and Flower Delivery

we deliver the best fruits of your sweet-bouquet period of life)))


Dear Guests! 


Choose Valentiene's Gifts to

spoil the one you care


and you will get an inspired and the happiest woman nearby!

Contact for any question and request your order right now!


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Individual Valentines 






Express your feelings by sending an individually crafted gift to your partner.
it could be devoted to any topic and reason and could be personally designed for your lady to feel your care and attention;

it’s made of flowers, marshmallows, fruits, chocolates, exotic herbs and plants, toys, jelly-sweets, etc.;

it could be devoted and crafted for any holiday, topic and occasion.

the gift is accompanied by a greeting card that will be translated for your lady

a short video or photo confirmation of the moment when she receives the gift will be also attached by your request









A Fruit Tray

A Gourmet Basket

 a Beautiful composition of a large variety of fruits in a basket will always make her feel full of energy and inspiration.

A basket with delicatessen will indulge any gourmet and includes fruits, a bottle of wine,  cheeses and salami

A bunch of vitamins could be picked by your lady from our office and accompanied by a greeting card and its translation if necessary.




Lesson Package

Let you understand each other better and help her with learning English or any other foreign language

a monthly individual English/Russian/ Ukrainian course
(includes 8 lessons per week, 1 lesson lasts 60 minutes)

a monthly group English/other foreign language course (a group includes up to 8 students)


Flowers In a Basket

flowers in a basket usually could stay in a great condition longer than a regular bouquet since it is based in special floral oasis

a large basket (50-70 cm)

it’s also accompanied by a greeting card with translated message from you

we are taking a photo or making a short video of her receiving  the gift


Roses In a Hat Box

Heart-Shaped Roses
in a Hat Box

21 rose in a beautiful hat box
(there is a variety of different colors and shapes of the boxes for you to choose)
a large box  (22x25cm)

11 roses in a small box (17x15cm)

35 roses - a combination of two colors of roses in a shape of heart placed in a huge box (27х25cm) – a very special look of the combination will make your woman feel your special care



“I miss you”

“A sweet kiss”

“Holiday Spirit”

a box of chocolates & a bottle of champagne

a great combination
of a small box of chocolates and champagne will make your lady’s day memorable and let her feel your attention even on distance
accompanied by a greeting card and its translation

a cake and champagne
is always good for any occasion –share sweet kisses every day!
accompanied by a greeting card and its translation

a small cake with three roses and a bottle of local champagne accompanied by a greeting card and its translation

see her excitement from the delivery video while she is receiving the gift
make her day happen on a bright note  ))





“Hug you”

“I like you so much!”

“I love you”

a small soft toy and a flower (a big beautiful rose)
it is followed by  a greeting card and a message from you, its translation and her reply is also included in the delivery package

a small soft toy with 3 balloons in a shape of heart or with a special message you could express on the surface of the balloon

a small soft toy  (15 - 25 cm)

a large soft toy (30 - 50cm)

a toy with a heart

a toy for a child
let her children know that you also care and think about them – let us  know the age and sex of the child and we suggest a variety of them to choose.
it is also delivered with a handmade greeting card


A Box of Chocolates

giving her a box of chocolates and a rose will indulge your beauty and make her day brighter with a sweet flavor of delicious thoughts about you…)

choose in addition a beautiful Christmas/ Valentine’s/ Birthday handmade greeting card
and we translate a message for her

we are taking a photo or making a short video of her receiving  the gift



Perfume & Flowers

A classical gift solution for those who are lost in what to present to a lady.

it’s never too little to have another bottle of perfume and one more bunch of 15 roses  to show your intentions and care

It’s also accompanied by a hand-made greeting card and a taxi certificate for her to get back from our office



Daily Spa Visit

let her relax  in a spa and choose a variety of procedures to pamper her body and skin.

Ukrainian women like to take care about themselves and it will be a great solution if you want her to relax during cold winter days

A lady can choose any procedures to enjoy.

 A gift certificate will come with a handmade card and a rose



Swimming Pool Subscription

(per one month)

let your lady know how much you care,   motivate her to keep being in a perfect shape
till you soon meeting )))

it is a great solution if you don’t want her to get bored when you are away

let her choose a fitness zone/pool close to her neighborhood and visit it during  a month

a gift certificate will come with a handmade card and a rose







Special Bouquet with a message

“You are adorable”
a special selection of flowers for your lady to know that you adore her!

“I love you”
a very special message – every lady dreams to hear these words


“Will you marry me?”
tell her how serious your intensions are and make the first step to build a beautiful union of two hearts


our florist would create a special selection of flowers, fruits, chocolates and herbs according to your desires and lady’s tastes

It’s also accompanied by a hand-made greeting card and a taxi certificate for her to get back from our office



A Flower In A Pot

Give to your lady an alive flower,  so she could care about it and feel your presence at her place every day

it could be an orchid, ficus, dracaena, a rose, cactus, etc.

we will also add a card with a translated message from you and take a photo or video of the lady with it




4 bright helium balloons with confetti
and 1 foil balloon in a shape of heart

1 helium foil balloon in shape of heart (40cm) or with any message written on

a bunch of balloons of different colors and shapes (you can choose any)
includes 11helium balloons and 3 foil balloons

heart-shaped balloons with a bottle of champagne (you can also write a message on a balloon by request)





Bouquet and a card


a bunch of 15 smaller roses



tulips (multi-colored combination is also available)

and a hand-made card with a special message for your lady, we will translate it for you and take a photo/video of the lady with a gift



Delivery fee

we deliver a gift to your lady’s place and take a photo/video of her receiving it


Transportation Fee

let your lady use a taxi on the way from/to our office if necessary



Cosmetic Kit

a kit includes a shower gel, body cream, scrub, milk and tonic for her to feel happy, fresh and think of you every time while putting the cream or gel on her sensitive body…)




A Photo Session

our photographer will meet your lady at any convenient place and time and take more beautiful photos of your charming woman

or you can arrange a real photo-session day for her and let take photos at a professional studio.

We can invite a stylist, hair-do and make-up artists, let her choose a variety of dresses and accessories represented by our studio and a photographer

She will have unforgettable moments being in image of a real model and share more amazing pictures with you!





A Beauty Certificate


includes visit of a beauty studio or cosmetologist, she can make manicure pedicure, epilation, eye-brow art, hair treatment, cut, facial cleaning, masques, etc. by her choice – let your woman prepare nicely to feel more confident at a date!


Special Idea

if you have other ideas and want to make an individual gift to surprise your beauty – we would gladly calculate it for you and take additional 20% for its delivery to her home.

It will also include a hand-made card and a photo/video of your woman with a gift


Travel Insurance


Visa Service

we help you and your lady to arrange and translate all necessary documents for traveling, marriage, getting fiancée-visa


Apartment Rent

we suggest a variety of convenient apartments located in the city center
with wi-fi, air-conditioner, autonomous heating system and parking area

from 30$




from Kiev (Boryspol) airport to Kiev

from Kiev (Boryspol) airport to Poltava

from Kharkov airport to Poltava



Car Rent

ask more about it!



We process your requests within 2-3 days,

all you need is simply share a contact information of a receiver with us: 

tel. +380637128817 (viber, WhatsApp,FaceTime, iMessage)

+38(0532)610960 - our stationary phone at office


skype: dateinukraine


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