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Express delivery mail & photo exchange

service of forwarding letters, its translation; leran more about each other before the first date


Express Delivery Mail & Photo Exchange



Express delivery mail & photo exchange – it’s a Date In Ukraine service that helps you to exchange emails or regular letters sent on site for the redirection to the lady and its translation. You may also attach photos to such letters.


This service is good for those people who prefer to exchange valuable information of a biographical character, introduction or so. Choose a variety of topics and exchange informative interesting letters with each other through the Date In Ukraine International Matchmaking Club. It helps you to study each others mails and to build mutual understanding, prepare better for a real date discussing details or dreaming about common future.


We not only translate letters for you, but also could explain to a lady meaning of every word and help her to memorize them.


Attached photos could be printed together with a letter and their description is also translated.


It is a great solution if you want to show a surrounding and introduce a family or friends through mails.


Mail forwarding is playing a great role in building mutual understanding, because you can study each others languages reading its translations.


It’s recommended to combine regular letter communication with a video message exchange and talk to each other sometimes by video chat. So you feel each other closer being on distance and build common vocabulary, mutual understanding and trust.


Exchange information in a written form if your lady is just studying your language! In this way she could avoid a problem with trying to understand and memorize everything a translated language during a chat.

She could read letters and its translations many times and study a foreign language simultaneously!


Your partner could receive not only a translated letter from you, but also get tips and explaining of every word and phrases you are using in correspondence.


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