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Video Message Exchange

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Video Message Exchange



Video message exchange – is the best solution for the couple that’s ready


intensively communicate to each other, learn each others languages and build mutual understanding on a distance.


Watch videos from the one you are attracted to and feel no distance, no boundaries, only you and your partner!

Video messages usually last from 30 sec up to 3 minutes.

You could see your lady performing, hear her voice, and watch her doing regular daily things and some extraordinary tricks.

Surprise each other sharing unique and special videos, declaim poems or sing romantic songs for the special one.


Video messages could be translated if necessary and its included int he price.


We won’t only translate it for you, but also could explain and give tips to memorize each others foreign words and phrases!


One of our methods in building strong relationship on distance is a video message exchange with learning each others daily phrases from it. Enjoy each others communication and make it entertaining to learn a foreign language with the one you are attracted to )


It helps you to create common lexics and that is very important in building strong relationship.


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