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The First Touch

Introductory service for a couple with an opportunity to exchange contact information


The First Touch



What is the First Touch?


What are advantages of using the First Touch service?


I it allowed to exchange personal information with a lady and talk out of your site?


Can I give my phone number to a lady during our first video chat?


How to book the first touch?


How long does the first touch last?


Do I have to pay extra for the translation of the first touch or it’s included in the price? 




  The First Touch is a three way video chat between a couple for introduction and

contact information exchangeIt is arranged and supported by your personal Date in

Ukraine manager.


It could become a memorable moment for both of you, so prepare nicely to it )

You will be personally introduced to each other and your conversation could be 

translated if necessary. 


The translation service is included in the price.


The First Touch lasts up to 20 min


You are allowed to exchange contact information during it.



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