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How do we work?

fast and smart solution to find love on the Internet and move relationship futher into reality


How do we work?

Choose the most simple and fast matchmaking algorithm and find a beautiful intelligent Slavic Wife!

With years of our successful experience we helped to a large ammount of singles to meet each other.
For a good start you simply should think about what kind of relationship you are looking for and imagine a future life partner. 

We suggest a Passive Way and Active Solution in matchmaking. 
Take your own time, choose your own way to find the Oneshy love

The Passive Way requires you to register at our DB and wait till somebody might pay attention on your profile. 

The Active Solution is strongly recommended to those who know what they want, ready to act and achieve a goal withing short terms. So we find a cadidate within thwo months.

The only thing you should do is to contact us,

1. Schedule a short interview, where we discuss your personality and create your image, an image of your future partner and discuss your views for relationship. It could last from 5 till 20 min.

(you should be ready to introduce yourself and tell something about your character, main views for life, tell briefly about your family, hobbies, expectations from relationship with a Slavic beauty and how you see the way of developing and gaining such kind of relationship)

2. We choose for you and search for the match in our database. We contact her and ask if she might be interested in you too. If you have a mutual interest, we arrange the first touch.

 It's an opportunity to talk to each other and exchange personal information for a further communication.

We will schedule a three-way video chat for you to have an opportunity to see each other and talk.
Our manager will represnt you and could help as a translator if neccesary.

Enjoy your further communication or ask us to help you with arrangement of your real date, wedding ceremony, romantic tour, learing each others languages and sharing gifts.

Still got questions?
Contact us directly or by any convenient way:

skype: dateinukraine

viber,WhatsApp, iMessage +380637128817

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