Музей дальней авиации

                                POLTAVA MUSEUM OF LONG RANGE AVIATION

1985 is considered to be the year of first exhibition in this museum, when near the educational base of 185th Guards Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment legendary aircraft TU-16 was set on a pedestal. Then aircrafts TU-22KP, SU-15UM, TU-95MC, TU-160 joined the exposure.

It was not possible without the active assistance of the Air Force Commander Colonel-General V. M. Antonets, deputy commander of the Air Force Major-General G. K. Kotlyar, commander of the 13th Guards Air Division Major-General V. I. Zhuk.

There was a threat of destruction of exhibits with the disbandment 185th GHBAR in 2014. Council of Veterans aviation garrison appealed to the leadership of the Poltava region State Administration with proposal to create a long- range aviation museum at the existing exposure.

In April in 2007 the decision was taken at a regular session of the Poltava Regional Council. A significant contribution to the establishment of the museum was made by D. P. Kalniy, V. G. Deinega, I. F. Bliznyuk, V. 0. Hofe, V. 0. Bulygin.

Strategic aircrafts TU-160 and TU-95MS are in this museum only. Cockpits are fully equipped with facilities and equipment.

Currently several planes are located: TU-160, TU-95MS, TU-22M3, TU-22KP, TU-16, SU-15UM; AN-2 and MI-2, bombs from 100 kg to 9 000 kg, air-launched cruise missiles KSR-2, KSR-5, HA-22 on a total area of 6.2 hectares. It's also possible to consider in detail the educational model jet engine MK-25 and Multi catapult installation MKU-6 to HA-55 missiles.

There is also a memorial for 100th anniversary of the birth of Yuri Kondratyuk, the monument to soldiers, who died during the «Operation Frantic» in 1944 and the monument to warriors aviators, who died during World War II in 1941-1945 on the museum territory.

The museum was awarded with the medal «For Loyalty to Traditions» for the participation in the project «Meet Ukraine. Tourist Routes» September 27, 2007.

Создан 29 мар 2017