International Matchmaking Club Date In Ukraine


          You want to be loved, to feel the constant care and support, to know

that in a joy or in a sorrow you are not alone. He will come to help

and huge mountain will be a little trouble!

1) Danny 

Age: 52 (Virgo)

Religion: Christian
Relationship Status: Divorced
Children: I have 4 children, three girls and one boy. They are all grown adults and live on their own.

Danny is a 52-year-old man, living in Oregon. He is 5”9 tall and 200 lb, with hazel eyes and salt and pepper brown hair. He has been married twice and has four children who are adults already and live separately. He currently lives in a small town Aumsville, state of Oregon with a population of 3700. He prefers to live outside of the more populated areas as he enjoys the quiet rather than chaotic environment. He lives about 10 miles from where he works and this city is quite a bit larger. There are many more activities to do there and he goes there for entertainment and dining. About an hour away is an even larger city which has a great deal more to do - sport events, concerts, theater, opera and many more activities. Danny has a dog and a cat.

Danny doesn’t smoke.
Danny likes to play pool, take my dog hiking, ride my motorcycle, card games, cinema, concerts, sport events, fishing, camping, go to the beach, drive to various attractions and explore new destinations. He likes to dance and enjoys traveling, sport, golf, softball, hiking, riding horses, riding motorcycle, camping, cooking.

He is currently a manager in a logistics career in which they store and maintain an inventory of frozen foods and vegetables produced by a farmer’s cooperative in his area.

Danny speaks some Spanish and some Russian.
He is emotionally stable, open, honest, loyal and faithful. He does not like hostility or anger in relationships but prefers to talk about anything that needs to be discussed and find a reasonable and mutually beneficial compromise as much as possible. He cannot condone unfaithful or inappropriate flirtatious behaviors. Cheating is in no way acceptable in a relationship and cannot and will not be tolerated. He offers honesty and fidelity in a relationship and expects the same in return.



2) Artur


His name is Arthur. He is successful businessman in he has his own company which is engaged in soda. There are a lot of offices around the world. Artur is succeded in life. He is from Brasil, but he lives partly in Paris.

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